Team NetRefer

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Marketing Manager

Marketing and Communications Team


Position Overview: 

To initiate and drive the NetRefer brand strategy while having total ownership of all strategic marketing activities in line with business objectives and Company strategy. 


Essential Job Functions: 

Brand Management 

  • Ownership of the corporate brand image. This includes management of the implementation of the strategy across digital and offline channels including but not limited to email, events, direct mail, website management, PPC/SEO and analytics; 
  • Devise the NetRefer brand strategy while defining related brand guidelines; 
  • Translate brand strategies into brand plans, brand positioning and go-to-market strategies; 
  • Create a brand plan while ensuring that all aspects of the product and marketing activities align with the ethos and goals of the brand; 
  • Create enduring brand messages resulting in increased sales, brand loyalty, improved market share and business revenue maximisation; 
  • Implement and maintain respective brand guidelines while ensuring that such guidelines are in line with the overall positioning and strategy; 
  • Ensure content is up to standard in terms of visuals and publications and that creative work is up to date, relevant, adhere to brand guidelines and meet the highest standard of quality; 
  • Generate names for products and services while coming up with ideas for new presentation designs; 
  • Develop and sustain strong working relationships with all stakeholders while maintaining a smooth working relationship with internal and external partners; 
  • Nurture trust among clients based on an in-depth understanding of the brand and related business products; 


Marketing Activities 

  • Develop high quality and effective marketing materials that align correctly with the overall brand strategy; 
  • Manage and oversee PR, Industry Media and advertising strategies and maintain product and marketing campaigns within the Company; 
  • Accomplish related objectives by planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating advertising and merchandising; 
  • Oversee all content and ensure the quality and content of all marketing material is to a high standard; 
  • Liaise and develop strong business partnerships with third party marketing consultants that can support with the deliverables of the marketing strategic plan; 
  • Manage sponsorship deals and marketing partnerships, working closely with the commercial team; 
  • Work directly with the sales and commercial teams in development of lead generation campaigns and pipeline management. 


Team Leadership 

  • Lead, train and mentor the marketing team while setting the strategic direction; 
  • Monitor team performance through observation, coaching and motivation, technical direction and expertise, assistance and training to maximise yield and client satisfaction; 
  • Provide technical leadership in terms of marketing practices; 
  • Inspire and maintain a positive atmosphere of innovation and success; 
  • Be solution-focused while continually sharing and communicating learnings.