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Solutions Architect

Architecture Team


Position Overview:

The Solution Architect is the trusted advisor for both Technology and Business focused teams. The incumbent is required to be results-driven self-starter and will be responsible for syndicating and developing the target state vision and strategy for systems, processes, information and technologies.

In addition to visioning, the selected candidate is responsible for working with the technology development teams to build out the appropriate roadmaps to iteratively develop the capabilities to achieve the desired target state. The strategies are expected to be fluid and evolve over time and the incumbent will be responsible for ensuring all artefacts remain relevant. The Solution Architect helps establish frameworks directing the design and build of technical solutions and provides on-going technical support.


Primary Duties and Accountabilities:


  • Ensures the logical and systematic conversion of business, customer and product requirements into flexible technical solutions which support current and future needs.
  • Performs functional analysis, timeline analysis, benchmarking and interface definition studies to formalize customer requirements into systems architecture specifications.



  • Helps to define enterprise grade product and service architecture.
  • Interacts and communicates effectively with internal and external customers and development teams to clarify business, operational, or technical requirements.
  • Defines in written documents non-functional requirements (availability, interoperability, portability, manageability, scalability, maintainability, security, monitoring, SLAs, KPIs, regulatory and legal compliance) based on business vision, best practices, and enterprise architecture direction.
  • Balances a variety of competing goals in a design, including project time, scope and budget constraints, and system performance, message verbosity, and loose coupling.
  • Assists with writing and communicating best practices, standards, and guidelines documents that support IT teams.


Research & Best Practices:

  • Keeps up on industry trends and current technological standards and best practices. Assists with assessment of industry standards for information models and their applicability to NetRefer.
  • Assists with communicating new standards, techniques, products, and methodologies within NetRefer.
  • Assists with communicating architecture principles and artefacts, and with the promotion of enterprise architecture within the Company.
  • Drives adoption of identified design patterns, standards, principles, and best practices throughout the development organization.


Project Leadership:

  • Serves as a technical advisor on IT projects. Ensures that IT projects adhere to the principles, guidelines and standards established by Enterprise Architecture.
  • Accountable for guiding and modelling the technical implementation of shared artefacts, deployment models, and applications in their entirety—from interfaces, business logic, data, security, and network, and infrastructure.
  • Maintains ongoing communication with project teams, verifying that what was designed was built and adjusting the solution architecture as appropriate throughout the project.
  • Balances long-term strategy and short-term project goals.
  • Conceptualizes and articulates alternatives to problem resolution.
  • Builds consensus across stakeholder groups including management and individual contributors.


Required Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Education, Experience and Knowledge:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related discipline, or equivalent work experience.
  • 7+ years of experience in the development of high volume, mission critical applications in heterogeneous environments/architectures for multi-user systems
  • 3+ years technical leadership and/or architecture experience.
  • Experience in defining architectures that satisfy security, scalability, high availability, and network management/monitoring requirements.
  • Experience in Systems engineering techniques such as architecture modelling, tradeoff analysis, and portfolio analysis.
  • Experience in various architecture disciplines like Application, Data, Security and Infrastructure.
  • Experience in specifying system performance requirements, network utilization targets, system resource budgets and creating flexible APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
  • Experience with the design of highly available, distributed database applications.
  • Experience with Service Oriented Architecture concepts, micro-services, web/RESTful services, and event-driven architecture.
  • Knowledge of Agile/Scrum development methodologies
  • Strong skills in a broad set of development technologies: .NET, SOAP Web Services, RESTful Services, JavaScript, HTML, scripting languages, etc.



  • Thought leader who is considered as an authority figure by peers by being innovative, entrepreneurial, well respected and actively sought out.
  • Courage to push difficult or unpopular perspectives
  • Ability to explain complex technical issues in a way non-technical people understand without being condescending.
  • Self-starter who solves complex technology and operational problems/issues with little to no guidance from senior management. Seeks senior management advice and guidance as needed for critical decisions with broad business exposure and high risk.
  • Business/Application Knowledge – demonstrates deep knowledge/expertise in multiple and inter-dependent applications and processes.
  • Able to serve as evangelist of the architectural vision, strategy, and principles
  • Able to establish relationships with business and IT leaders, as well as the technology subject matter experts
  • Conduct trade-off analysis (be able to look at alternative architectural approaches and present pros, cons and recommendations)
  • Subject matter expert across multiple technologies, architectures, and business applications with special emphasis on application/systems inter-dependencies
  • Remains unbiased toward any specific vendor or technology choice; is more interested in results than personal preferences.



  • Broad understanding in a wide range of infrastructure technologies including network, hardware and operating systems.
  • Solid knowledge of Unified Modelling Language (UML)
  • Advanced knowledge of enterprise application integration and experience with messaging technologies
  • Knowledge of cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure.
  • Knowledge of relevant security, regulatory and compliance matters as they relate to system design (PCI, OWASP)
  • Knowledge and experience implementing solutions using a wide range of web oriented Identity Protocols and Federated Identity Concepts (such as SAML, OAUTH, OpenID Connect etc ).
  • Knowledge and Experience implementing Event Driven Architectures, Microservices and Message Queueing using Microsoft Based Technologies
  • Knowledge of Containers and Orchestrator Technologies (specifically Docker and Kubernetes)


N.B. No Recruitment Agency Applications will be accepted unless instructed by an HR Representative at NetRefer.